104 NUMBERED White Puzzle Pieces for Wedding Guest Books. Unique Alternative Guest Book

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104 White Puzzle Pieces that form an Extra Large White Wedding Guest Book when completed that are numbered on the back in pencil! Having a unique Wedding Guest Book is fun, with all of your Guests interacting with you puzzle to complete your amazing day---but then you try to put together your puzzle to have framed and mounted in your home but time doesn't allow you to figure it out. Make life easy and let us do the tedious work or numbering!

Each puzzle piece will be numbered in the back on the lower right hand corner (if possible) so that assembly is a breeze. Why waste time, and who is going to know---other than US---and we're not telling! Custom Made for your Wedding, these puzzles are challenging to put together without having them numbered. We do not accept returns on our puzzles, as we cannot resell them once you attempt to assemble them, so this option is priceless.

The 104 piece puzzle features pieces that are large enough to accommodate signatures, even the long names! Each piece measures approximately 2x1.5. When assembled, this puzzle will also measure approximately 16x20. All sizes are approximate...it's a jigsaw puzzle!


$33.00 USD Add To Bag
Quantity Available: 513 pieces

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The Missing Piece Puzzle Company
Richland, United States


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