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Unique Wedding Guest Book Puzzle featuring 104 extra large pieces and measures approximately 16x20 inches when complete. A unique and interactive way to engage your Guests. Each puzzle is Made In America of the finest materials in the industry and are made thick, durable and feature vibrant colors to highlight your Special Day. Printed on a very high quality matte finish to showcase your photo professionally.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we use the best puzzle board in the WORLD which is thick and made of 100% recycled material. Our puzzles are durable, thick, and designed to last a lifetime.

Need a puzzle for your Wedding Party that will allow for a very sweet meaningful message from each person in the Wedding? We have a 15 piece that is simply perfect! Each piece is HUGE for those long heartfelt messages.

Having an intimate Wedding and only need a few pieces? Our brand new 30 piece puzzle features very large pieces that allow for a very endearing message and signature for you and your spouse.

Our 63 piece puzzle offers extra large sized pieces for a brief message and signature. Each piece measures approximately 2.5x2.5 inches and are BIG. Allows for a brief message and signature.

Our 80 piece puzzle is the newest in our line up and features pieces that measure approximately 2x2 inches.

Our 104 piece puzzle allows for even the long signatures. Each piece measures approximately 1 3/4 x 2 inches and allow for an ample signature from your Guest. Made from exceptional materials, our puzzles are exceptional, thick, durable and very very affordable!


WHITE BACKING: Our puzzles are made of a very light colored grey and thick board that we pay a bit extra for. If you would prefer a bright white backing (like our white puzzle pieces) you can add this option to your order for a very small fee.

NUMBERING: We can number the back of your puzzle for ease of assembly. We will hand number the back of a regular puzzle (without the white backing) using pencil in the bottom right hand corner of the puzzle piece. If you order multiple puzzles, we will number each in a different color pen/pencil. If you order a White Backing, we will number in pen in the bottom right hand corner of each piece. We hand number small, so as not to interfere with your guests signature.


104 Pieces.

$33.00 USD Add To Bag
Quantity Available: 481 pieces

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The Missing Piece Puzzle Company
Richland, United States


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